1.     I've tried to put in systems to get organised but I can't seem to maintain it.

Ans.  Putting in a system that will work for you depends upon a number of factors such as how you like to work (your personal organising style) e.g., do you like easy access to your items but don't want them on display?  It also depends on how committed you are to maintaining your system on a regular basis.  Being organised is a learned skill and it sometimes takes time and the regular 'putting things back in their home' for it to work.

2.   Will I be expected to throw things away?

Ans.  A professional organiser works in partnership with you and there are a lot of things to consider before discarding items.  A professional organiser won't throw out anything without your permission.

3.     Will a professional organiser do the work for me?

Ans.  A professional organiser supports and guides you to make decisions about your items. They are not cleaners or tradespeople, although they may organise these for you.

4.    What is the method that a professional organiser uses?

Ans.   I like to analyse a client's space first, which usually means asking lots of questions to determine what activities will be conducted in the space, how you like to work, etc. Armed with the answers a strategy for taking action can be put into place to then implement a system for effective organisation and storage. 

5.    How long will the organising project take?

Ans. Again there There are a number of variables to consider when giving an estimate on how long a project will take such as; the client decision-making process, how much of the work the client is able to do themselves, and how much of the work is reliant upon outside assistance, e.g., bringing in a tradesman. 

6.    What products do you suggest I use?

Ans.  I have a personal preference for eco-friendly storage solutions, however many people are surprised that they have suitable products in their homes that they can 'repurpose' for storage and containerising items. 

If you have a question about any aspect of your organising and decluttering projects please email me at chris@creatingorganisedspaces.com.au