Household Tips

I hope this page might kickstart some ideas for you in taking small steps to getting organised.  They have worked for me!

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We can often find some great organising solutions locally!  I recently found these expandable bamboo cutlery drawer organisers and bought three!

Glass jars in the pantry are an eco-friendly way to organise the pantry.  Advantages are that the contents can be seen easily so it takes no time to find things.

A lazy susan is a great way to save space in the pantry too.

Placing small glass jars on a rubberised mat in a drawer can be a great way to make use of a shallow drawer and you can easily see what you have.

It's true that garages are the largest storage area in our homes but they can also quickly become the largest dumping ground for all the 'stuff' you don't want or have storage for in the house!

Reclaim the garage with a good storage system for the items you really need to keep, and protect a valuable asset (your car) by being housed out of the weather. 

Linen Cupboard
Having a well ordered linen cupboard can make the job of changing beds, towels etc much easier. 

Even if your linen is stored in a chest of drawers or narrow cupboard fold and stack according to item and size to make it easier to retrieve.

Spending 10 minutes folding the washing and putting it away will give you more time and less stress when finding clean sheets and towels when you need them.


Wardrobe Tips:
1. Have all your hangers the same kind. 

2. Hang according to colour or length of garment.

3. Keep all items of one category together - e.g. jackets.

4. Turn your hangers the opposite way around and when you wear an item turn it back to face you.  At the end of a few months you will know which items you wear and which items can be moved on.

5. If your wardrobe space is tight consider vertical storage such as a narrow bookcase to keep shoes.

6. Use scarf hangers to hang jewellery and over the door hangers as additional storage.


Keeping benchtops clear of unnecessary items is a satisfying way to create a clutter-free space. It also gives you a free surface for food preparation.  

1. Clear up as you go, it makes it easier than leaving it until the end when you are more likely to be tired.

2. When you finish using ingredients put them back in their place. It helps to keep your workspace clear.

3. Create a list for shopping by adding items that are running low. It can be a whiteboard, a small notebook or notes on your iphone.
Reduce your use of single use plastic with beeswax wraps. I've started using these to wrap cheese in and cover containers in the fridge. Relatively easy to make yourself - check out YouTube videos. I bought organic food grade beeswax and 100% organic cotton and made some to use and give away as gifts.


Being organised leaves more room for spontaneity!