Home organising

Chris is a dynamic, creative and thoughtful woman who can bring a new perspective on how to organise your home.  Not unlike Leonardo Da Vinci, Chris also has excellent spatial skills! She moved my furniture around in configurations that completely work, and chose layouts that I wouldn’t have thought of myself; and she is also great with colours and design, and a wonderful problem solver. Chris helped me bring in new systems of doing things to keep my home uncluttered which I still maintain, and she generously shared her energy with me when I had none to spare. She is gentle, enthusiastic and really cares about doing a good job. The before and after shots are nothing short of amazing!
- Sara 
Study nook. It was always a term I liked. Not so much for the sound of it but of the images it conjured; a quaint room, tucked neatly and tightly in a corner of the house where one could escape into a world of writing, reading or, as the name suggests, studying. Before moving into my new apartment, it was my dream to set up a space such as this for myself. I saw my books on display, trays of coloured pencils, a comfy cushioned chair. But thanks to Mr Time and Mrs Clutter, I just couldn’t get myself to bring this dream to life. I’d look over to the left, on my way to the kitchen/living room/bedroom, and wished that my ‘study nook’ or rather, ‘the hole in the corner of the apartment’ would disappear. 
This was of course, until Chris came along. It took Chris one second to see the potential in the space and one session to have it all set up; in that cool, modern, Scandinavian style that I’d always hoped for. She worked with I already had and made the space practical but layered and textured and personal, adding a cushion here, and a photo there. And now, it is a hole no more. It is my special space. My nook. Thanks Chris!”
“We could never find our keys when we needed them and Chris suggested we put a key hook by the door.  We did, and now we always have a ‘Chrissy-hook’!”
“Chris helped transform our kids toy room into a usable double study and relaxation room. I didn't know where to begin and the whole idea seemed too daunting. Chris helped break it down and planned out how to achieve my vision.
Being busy with working two jobs and school aged children left us little time, we employed Chris to take the stress out of making it happen. And make it happen she did. Our kids now have a space to relax or study without the clutter of all the toys.
Thank you so much, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone”